Thursday, September 09, 2010

What day is it?

Well, the holiday weekend messed up my inner calendar so I'm wondering what day it is. I have two projects to show today. First up is my Orange and Grey Mini Greyhound soon-to-be-stitched onto leather. I was going to send it to the Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue, but I couldn't find a leather in a light or medium grey to stitch it to.... so I am holding onto it until I either find the grey or get the white leather I ordered.

Anyway, I will be sending in the pink and brown greyhound on pink leather instead and I hope it gets a really good bid in their silent auction. This is due by the 18th. I have 2 pit bull cuffs due in October for a Pit Bull auction so I will soon be working on those. Hopefully within the next day or so I will also post the pattern for this Mini Greyhound cuff in my Artfire shop.

The next project is my Good Kitty amulet bag. I finished it up a few months ago and have finally taken some pictures of it. I am going to be listing the pattern in my Artfire shop tonight. I may list the amulet bag in my shop as well, after I redo the strap, as I am not satisfied with it. The amulet pattern will only have the chart for the actual front and back of the amulet bag, it will not include directions for putting the sides together or adding strap and fringe.

And as usual, whenever I open my blog to post anything, suddenly I am needed by the kids and the husband is home early, yada, yada, yada.... jeesh!

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