Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year and New Cuffs

Well, its been a little over a month since my last post, but I have been busy just like millions of other people. We had a great Christmas and New Year's celebration although it was quiet without our extended family. Perhaps that is the hardest thing to get used to being here in Arkansas... no other family and no large network of friends. We will make a trip home to Jacksonville sometime this spring... and it will be a welcome break!

Anyway, family life took over and my beading took a back seat, but I've started the year with several new projects. First off, I created 2 more dogs to add to my beaded dog pack. A German Shepherd and a Border Collie. I still need to bead the Dachshund that I created last year, I will do it... eventually, LOL.

Then I've been busy with some cuffs... a study of a circular shape. I have had a lot of fun just letting my imagination take over and beading up some of these designs into cuffs. 1. Clementine, 2. Marguerite, 3. Lemon Drop, and 4. Cosmo. I have another design or two or three in this series to bead... one or two will even be loomed.

And one other cuff I have created is called Zig Zag.

Eventually (hopefully soon) these will show up in my shops as the finished cuffs or as the patterns. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I got a new camera for Christmas!! A Pentax K-X... a beginner DSLR and just in time as the display on my other camera is starting to go. So, I have a lot of learning to do with this camera. So much more thinking is involved when I take pictures now. I have been spending a lot of time outside with the birds and with our armadillo. I will post some pictures as time goes along and as I get better at using this new toy :-) The photos of the beaded cuffs on this post were all taken with the new camera. The 2 photos of the beaded dogs were taken with my iPhone camera.

So, Happy New Year and I hope your year is filled with good health, family, and many creative endeavors.

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