Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Pit Bull Cuff in Green Donated to Tyler Z. Nacisse's Rescue Group

I've donated this spring green Little Pit Bull cuff to another very worthy cause, Tyler Z. Nacisse's Rescue Group. He's just a normal guy who rescues pit bulls and works with other individuals and groups to give homeless pit bulls a second chance. The money raised will be used for some upcoming surgeries for a few of the pit bulls in his pack. Anyway, this cuff will be in a gift basket with some other great prizes that will go to the top 9 entries. This is a picture contest for a calendar and if you are one of the top 12, your photo will be used in a calendar for 2012. The dog in the photo can be a dog of any breed or mixed breed - you just have to have the rights to the photo. To enter a photo you will need to make a donation of $25 to his rescue group. Here is the link with all of the details;


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

100 Things About Me

I was inspired by a lady I follow on Twitter and I follow her blog. I find that she is the un-shy me :-) She posted on her blog 100 things about herself. I wanted to see how many things I could think of about myself that might be of interest to someone else. So let's see what I come up with...

1. I am 37 (I think... I stopped keeping track a few years ago... forever 25 is how I think of myself.)
2. I bead... I bead a lot and love Delica seed beads.
3. I homeschool my two children (11 almost 12 year old girl and 10 year old boy)
4. I am not crunchy (ie I'm not a hippie, or a tree hugger)
5. I tried cloth diapers for my daughter for a few months but it was kind of gross...
6. Pretty much if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for my kids.
7. I cuss a lot in my real life... perhaps that is why I don't blog as much as I should - I do a lot of editing.
8. My first car was an 82' Honda Accord that I shared with my sister in college... it was a stick shift... and despite driving an automatic for many years, I can still drive a stick.
9. I'm an Air Force brat.
10. I smoked for about 5 or 6 years... started in college and quit when I decided it was time to have a baby... I still get the urge to smoke.
11. I don't drink very often although we have enough alcohol in the house to run a bar.... that was one of the perks from my husband's last job... free liquor... the good stuff.
12. Now I have all of the coffee filters and wet wipes we could ever need.
13. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs... would have more if I could
14. Also 1 fish and 1 hermit crab and we feed the birds outside all of the time.
15. I yell at my kids when they deserve it.
16. I hate other people's kids.
17. I don't like many teachers... I've seen what some of them were like in college and it doesn't instill much confidence in me.
18. I need ketchup for my eggs unless they are over-easy.
19. I don't travel much as I don't like to fly.
20. I have a humongous music library.... and I have an iPhone, a shuffle, and 2 Nanos.
21. I am a dumbass when it comes to playing Nintendo DS games.
22. I currently drive a Kia Sedona.... even though it is a minivan, I love it because it has all of the bells and whistles except for the DVD player.... or at least I loved it until we moved to the mountains and dirt roads.... I want a Toyota Sequoia next and will get a ramp for the dogs.
23. My dog Charlie is like my second son... I spoil him and he doesn't seem to be adversely affected unlike my other dog, Apple... we call her my husband's dog because she thinks the sun shines out of his butt.
24. My cat, Buffy, is 10 years old and is the second in command.... she keeps the dogs in line and spoils the two teen cats as if they were her own.... When I'm not around, she's in charge.
25. I love watching stupid stuff on t.v. like Millionaire Matchmaker, Greek, 19 kids and counting (they live around here), the shows about Alaska, How I met Your Mother, Glee, Cake Boss, Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, and the other California one, the Kardashians....
26. I also love the CSI's, Criminal Minds, the Mentalist, Fringe, Castle, Nikita, I Used to Be Fat, Chuck, V, etc.
27. I read a lot... mostly vampires, werewolves, witches... paranormal romances.
28. I have a huge library. I love real, hold-in-your-hand books!
29. I have 4 sewing machines and sew like shit. I guess I love the potential the machine has.
30. I have a huge craft room and a lot of supplies... lots... so many I haven't finished unpacking.
31. I am a picky eater.
32. My love of music spans the gauntlet from country to pop to hip hop to classics to rock... I couldn't pick a favorite song...
33. I love Kenny Chesney. Someday I will meet him.
34. I am married to my college sweetheart... he's my best friend, funny, smart, and of the two of us, he is the nice one.
35. I still think my husband is sexy as hell.
36. I'm a mutt; half Mexican and half White.
37. I like Simon Cowell even though he can be mean.
38. I have been known to hold a grudge.
39. I have lived all over the US and in the UK and Turkey...
40. I make my kids do chores and they don't always get an allowance.
41. I like dark chocolate.
42. I like beef jerky.
43. I don't drink coffee unless it is iced, has caramel and whipped cream.
44. I don't like hot liquids unless I am freezing or sick.
45. I have texture issues when it comes to food.
46. I don't like wet bread... french toast is iffy and bread pudding is out of the question.
47. My green thumb doesn't work very well inside.
48. I think most people are stupid.
49. I talk back to the t.v... especially during O'reilly.
50. I hate bad drivers.
51. I hate inconsiderate people.
52. I hate it when the sun isn't shining... doesn't matter if I am outside or not.
53. I am independent and hate asking for help.
54. I floss... and keep floss in my car, my purse, next to my bed and with my beading tray.
55. I like garlic salt... If I was on a deserted island and all of that...
56. I make jewelry but don't wear much.
57. I have a nice engagement ring but don't wear it very much because I stress out that I will lose the diamond... I work a lot with my hands.
58. White, short-haired cats scare me.
59. My kids make me laugh every day.
60. I need to get more exercise... I just need to figure out a way to bead at the same time.
61. I wish I had a good singing voice.
62. I don't dance very well but my kids do... must have skipped a generation.
63. I have a big mouth.
64. I love treasure hunting ... digging for crystals, looking for sand dollars, going through flea markets, looking through the free listings on craigslist.
65. I love metallic blue nail polish.
66. I'm not a good host... I don't like being responsible for the entertainment of others.
67. I like to shop.
68. I can make a campfire.
69. I like texting rather than being on the phone.
70. My parents are still married.
71. I have one brother and one sister.
72. I love refinishing furniture... used to do it all of the time before kids.
73. I love walking on the beach... I could do it all day long.
74. I use power tools. I loved Shop class in Junior High School.
75. I like washing clothes but I hate putting them away.
76. I talk to my pets.
77. My pets are like little people.
78. One of the teen cats, Dixie, likes to roll around in the wet sink/tub, likes licking matches, and gets poop on her hairy butt.
79. Our other teen cat, Einstein, does not like the top of his head petted and will eat anything including pasta and dog food.
80. I have very strong political views.
81. I am a secular homeschooler.
82. I think many religions/churches are corrupt.
83. People with the fish symbol on their car are generally terrible drivers.
84. I dye my hair red... a nice fake red.
85. My husband and I have moved 12 times since graduating college and this doesn't include all of the temp housing places we have called home for 3 months at a time.
86. I don't have a single favorite color, but chartreuse comes close.
87. I used to love cooking but sharing a kitchen with my family sort of ruined that.
88. I grew up in Michigan (both the UP and LP) and although I have many fond memories, I hate the cold. Hate it!
89. I want a goat or two.
90. I may gets some chickens once I determine if I can eat their eggs... remember picky eater.
91. My closest neighbors are cows and I find them more interesting than most people I have met.
92. I'm not very social.
93. I can be pretty perverted... my mind is in the gutter most of the time but again... I edit myself.
94. The Red Cross won't take my donated blood because I lived in the UK and ate the meat there and could have Mad Cow Disease.
95. I'm superstitious.
96. I'm wearing two pairs of socks today.... baby its unusually (so they say) cold outside ... 25 degrees.
97. I have 2 tattoos.
98. I seem to be rather stupid when it comes to understanding the DSLR camera that I got for Christmas.
99. I talk to my mother for a couple of hours every week.
100. I want to be a goth princess but am just too nerdy for that.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Valentine's Day Contest Sponsored by TNAN and CFA

One of my guilds is having a February promotion from the 5th thru the 12th and there are some great choices for the prize.... you will get to choose one item from this great collection.

All you need to do is search for two different Valentine phrases that are hidden within the item listings. Just click on the item and read through the item and you should easily spot it.

First Freebie Pattern Friday!!

As I posted two days ago , I am going to start posting on my blog again... on a regular basis. *Gasp* I know, I know, but my schedule is ope...