Monday, April 11, 2011

ArtFire Crafting for Animals Guild Spotlight: Kanweienea Kreations

Today I'm going to do something a little different.... instead of talking about me and what I've been up to, I want to introduce you to a fellow animal lover and ArtFire shop owner. Her name is Gunilla Wachtel and she owns Kanweienea Kreations. As a member of the Crafting for Animals Guild on ArtFire, a big part of the membership is crafting/art, a love for creatures big and small, as well as sharing knowledge and supporting each other. Members of the guild often use their art to raise funds for animal charities as well as create art immortalizing beloved animals.

Most members of the CFA Guild are owned by pets and often these fun members of the family are a sort of muse for the creative spirit. Gunilla finds plenty of inspiration in her furry companion, Cleo, a 130lb Newfoundland! Unlike the typical Newfoundland coloration, Cleo is "actually brown and white, like the "regular" Landseer version." Cleo is Gunilla's constant companion and she makes sure that Gunilla remembers to take breaks from work to have a little fun.

I asked Gunilla how she came up with this unusual sounding shop name and she told me that she used to play an online MMORPG game that her husband introduced her to. Well, she liked her character playing name so much that she decided to use it for her shop name. To her it sounded Hawaiian, an area that she misses very much. In fact, she and her husband are saving up to move their family from the East Coast back to Hawaii.

Gunilla also homeschools her two children. I know from first hand experience that this is a lot of work, but is also so, so rewarding!

Most of her original drawings are done with graphite, but you can find works done in pastels, airbrush, color pencils, etc. And now, after purchasing a new printer, you can also find giclee prints and trading cards of these drawings in her shop. You can find mouse pads, coffee mugs, hats, and more! She also does custom portraits using photographs of your pet!

She maintains a large online presence and the url's for these other locations can be found at her home page;

And if you are on Facebook, you should join her fan page so that you can follow her works-in-progress! Visit her Zazzle Shop for more of her work done on mouse pads, t-shirts, stamps, etc. Kanweienea Kreations definitely has something for everyone and I hope you take some time to visit her shop and blog for all that she has to offer.

Visit Kanweienea Kreations's ArtFire Shop

Monday, April 04, 2011

Its been a while....

Its been a little while since my last post, I can assure you, I've been crazy busy! So to catch up on the latest cuffs, here is a photo of the cuffs I did that made up the study on shapes. Its all started with one cuff and then grew from there. I could probably even do more... and perhaps I might.

Some of these are available in my shop as finished cuffs and the patterns for all of them can be found in my pattern shop!

I have a few other new cuffs to blog about later... especially a work of love on a memorial cuff. I'm also making some of my favorite cuffs for a friend of mine as a special gift. More on those later :-)

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