Friday, August 26, 2011

Anything Goes Friday 8-26-2011

I've recently bought some new needles... Tulip Co. beading needles. I bought them from Fox Den Beads when I made my last order of beads (they seem to be my go-to place for all of the newer Miyuki Delicas and seed beads.) I ordered the size 11 Tulip beading needle and they seem a little thicker than the size 12 needle I am used to. Anyway, I liked them. I was able to bead about two dozen of my beaded paw prints without really bending the needle. When I use a regular English beading needle size 12, I usually end up bending the needle a lot. I probably wouldn't bend the needle if I used a shorter needle, but my favorite length is 2 inches because it is so comfortable in my hand.

So, I used Toho Treasures for these paw prints because they are a tad larger then the Delicas and they make attaching to things a lot easier. The size 11 Tulip needle had no trouble going through the beads multiple times using size B Nymo. I am curious as to how the Tulip needles will handle going through Delicas and hope to try it out sooner rather than later. I do know, however, that if the size 11 Tulip needle is too big for the Delicas, I will not order them again because they are a bit expensive. Yes, $4.95 for 4 needles and if I decide I need the smaller needle, then its a whopping $14 for 2 needles (for the size 13 needle)... for me, the price is a deal breaker because I would rather buy more beads and my regular English Beading Needles.
The needle in the middle is the Tulip Co. beading needle and the other two are regular English beading needles in two different lengths.

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Lois Moon said...

Thanks for the review. I've been looking at those needles since news about them came out after Bead & Button. I am itching for some, but I too was worried about the price.

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