Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Current W.I.P Tuesday 8-30-2011

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this post up today. Its been a busy day of homeschooling and then lasagna making. I started making the sauce and then worked my way up to putting it all together. And I made four of them... three small ones and one large lasagna. One small lasagna will be for dinner tonight, one large and one small one will be frozen for future dinners, and one small one will be for the kids' golfing coach. She apparently loves lasagna and the kids have been bragging about my lasagna... So to thank her for all of her help and support with the kids and their golf skills the last four months, she gets a homemade lasagna.

So, here are a couple of photos from my current works in progress. I am making another Sugar Skulls Bracelet on the loom, the design is just slightly different than my last one, and I will be attaching it to either leather or suede. So far I've only done two rows, but at least its been warped and is ready to go. I confess I didn't get much done this week because I've been focused on the weather news with hurricane Irene. I have family on the East Coast and at first I thought my parents would be affected in Florida but then she changed her path and I was worried about my brother and sister-in-law up in Staten Island. Luckily they didn't have much aside from wind and rain. This time the people living further away from the coast got more damage with flooding and power outages. I hope for a quick recovery for them all.

The other works in progress are some beaded spiral chains (black and white) and then a paw print bracelet on pink leather and then just a plain beaded paw print bracelet in Peyote Stitch. I am trying to get a few doggie and/or pet bracelets done ahead of time because fall and winter seem to be popular for rescue groups to hold fund raising events. Oh and not pictured is the grey, black, white and red peyote cuff from last week... that's still waiting to be finished too. I am assuming that once we get into the regular groove of being back in school mode that I will get more time for bead weaving. And so long as there aren't major weather or news events that take away my attention... the last time I heard about the tropics was this morning and things are getting busy. I guess I am still fascinated with hurricanes and get a little excited from our time living down there, and one day I will be back on the Southeastern coast.

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