Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Eye Candy 8-29-2011

These are just two of the many wonderful free wallpapers offered at Art Jewelry Magazine's website. Not only are they good looking, but they are really inspiring for a number of reasons including; I want my photos to look that good - and one day they will. They offer a lot of ideas whether you work with metal or not. They take you on a little journey when you just sit and tune out everything but the wallpaper. You could spend a lot of time just analyzing the way they were laid out and photographed. I can just sit there and brainstorm ideas on how they made the pieces and then go do some research. Or I can just relax and let my brain take me away and then I will have an idea for bead weaving.... yeah, ideas are just everywhere. And they just look good! Oh, did, I already say that?

While you are there checking out the free wallpaper, you should definitely spend time looking at the rest of their site. They have project ideas, a how-to section, videos, and a community forum full of information. Sign up for the free newsletter, too. It always contains tidbits about what can be found at the site as well as the magazine.

I've only really ever dabbled in Metal work and Silver Art Clay, but they are definitely on my long range plans for really getting into. I would love a metal work station and small kiln for metal clay and glass and enamels.... Oh yeah, I could fantasize all day! This may be a good idea for If I Won the Lottery Thursday :-)


Lois Moon said...

I love that enamel bracelet. It actually reminds me of your design - the bright colors and the "frames" in each segment.

3 Peeps Designs said...

You know, I hadn't made that connection until I saw your comment :-) Thanks for noticing.

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