Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Here are some projects that I've completed in May and June 2011. Included are some newly designed cuffs (the "Henna Ink" and "Colorful Cats") and older designs like the paw print cuff and shells cuff. I also created some beaded Pasties :-) I gave the pink and grey "Colorful Cats" cuff to my daughter for her 12th birthday. The one with the blue background went to my sister and the cream colored background "Colorful Cats" will go into my 3 Peeps Designs Artfire shop. The pattern is available in my 3 Peeps Designs Too shop.

Here are projects from June/July... once again a new one (the "3 Bullies" Cuff) and some redo's of old designs. The "Lemon Drop" Cuff was redone and I call it the "Twisted Lemon Drop" and I created it for my Aunt Linda. I made the "Paw Prints" cuff (again in blue... such a universal color) to donate with the "3 Bullies" Cuff to Carolina Care Bullies and their silent auction in August. The "Colorful Cats" cuff with the gold border I did for myself.

This is a currunt UFO (Unfinished Object) or WIP (Work In Progress) started in July and I will someday finish it. I need to figure out how I want the ends to be finished for a cuff. I haven't named it yet either. Soon, it will get finished soon.

In the meantime, I am making paw prints.... seems like a hundred or so and I'm gonna get the loom out again. Stay tuned!

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