Thursday, September 01, 2011

If I Won the Lottery Thursday 9-1-2011

Happy September! It's still hot out, we are still playing with the upper 90's and low 100's, but I'm counting on the weathermen to be right about next week being in the 80's! The 80's! That's pretty much unheard of this summer. Anyway, the thought of being in the 80's next week puts a smile on my face even though this afternoon we are heading to the dentist for check-ups and cleanings.

So, on to my lottery dreams... Today, If I were a big lottery winner, I would buy up all of the beads from Fox Den Beads. I received the shop's newsletter last night and the owner of the store/online shop, Terri Ann Fox, will be going out of business over the next few months. She has decided that the numbers just aren't adding up and it's better to close her store. She also plans a move to the South in order to be closer to her kids and grandchildren.

I'm very sad to hear that the store will be closing. Although I've never had the opportunity to visit her store in person, I do order my Delica seed beads and other Miyuki beads from her. Fox Den Beads has every bead that Miyuki makes and her prices are very good. Even better than her prices is the fact that your order gets shipped out FAST! Sometimes even the same day! I love not having to wait a week for my bead orders. The staff at Fox Den Beads is on the ball. And I've never had an issue with my order not being correct.

According to the newsletter, she will be putting everything on sale in her shop. Starting today, everything will be 10% off for two weeks. Then it will be 20% off for two weeks, then 30% off, then 40% off, etc, etc.

She is also willing to sell her entire stock, this includes the beads and the cabinets they are in. So, for approximately $150,000 you can buy her entire stock and get started with your very own bead store. I would so love to do this. It would be a labor of love and if it was from my lottery winnings, then I wouldn't have to care too much about whether or not I made a profit. I bet all of those beads would look wonderful in my craft room :-)

Anyway, November 15th, is the day she will be moving. This is very sad news, but its a new beginning for Terri Ann Fox and I can be nothing but excited for her. I wish her luck with the sale of her stock and with her upcoming move.

I guess I should get my Delica charts out and start making a list of colors I would like to add to my stash before they are all sold out. I hope you are able to do some shopping at Fox Den Beads before they close their doors. You would be helping Terri Ann out as well as adding to your bead stash... A win-win situation in my book.

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