Thursday, September 15, 2011

If I Won The Lottery Thursday 9-15-2011

It's cold today! I mean extremely COLD. Or at least we think so considering it was in the high 80s/low 90s on Monday and Tuesday. For goodness sake, the kids and Hunny Bunny were swimming! Yesterday it only hit the 70s and dropped throughout the day. Today so far it's only 58! 58 bloody degrees! That's a 30 degree drop! What did we do to deserve that? Summer has been hot as hell, averaging high 90s with record breaking days in the 100s. What happened to gradual changes? You know, ease us into having to wear pants and jackets... Crap on toast, I just donated my son's fall jacket and am looking for a replacement. When I looked they only had fall jackets for girls, still in the midst of stocking the boys department. Well, I guess next time I will replace the jacket before donating it, even if the arms are too short for his long arms.

We didn't really have a spring and I am starting to fear that we won't get much of a fall. So, this cold front has reminded me of what winter was like last year.... Last year was our first winter in this house in Fayetteville. Now keep in mind, Northwest Arkansas is supposed to be mild. Winter temps average in the 40s and summer averages in the upper 80s - or at least that is what they told us. I can't check too far back in history because for some reason, this area is behind the times on the internet - and that frustrates me to no end. This is a university town, they should be up and coming here. Anyway, back to topic...  It was cold last winter. Record breaking snow falls and cold! I'm quite sick of breaking weather records. 

We were fortunate in that the previous owner left firewood for us to use. And use it we did, we used practically all of it! This summer we have spent quite a lot of time cutting down a tree and cutting it up into fire wood, and stacking it. Of course the wood peckers are going to miss this tree as it was half dead and they love dead wood, but I'm going to be singing the praises of this tree.

I really didn't want to use the wood stove... I don't like wood burning fire places and wood stoves because they can be stinky and dirty and my allergies don't always like it. But, last winter I got over it. We used that stove a lot! My cat, Buffy, got to the point that she would follow us around and nag us about the wood stove. She loved laying on the couch near it. This year I plan on buying her a sweater to wear. I think she loved the warmer temperatures of Florida, got used to it,  and had a tough winter here.I guess she complained as much as we did. Heck, even my dogs had sweaters... Charlie because he is part pit bull and only has a light coat of hair. Apple, well, she has a nice full, thick coat and only had the sweater so that she didn't feel left out. (I know, I know, I spoil my dogs.)

So, that brings me to "If I Won The Lottery Thursday" and what I would do. Well, I would remove the old and ugly wood burning stove and put it on Craigslist for free. I know many families would love to have it. Then I would install this beauty or something like it. 

This is a Black Porcelain Waterford Stanley Wood Cookstove. Why a wood stove again and not gas or propane? Well, a person can be self-sustaining on wood. We wouldn't have to get a company in to hook us up to gas. We wouldn't have to get a big propane tank for propane.... Although I would for a gas cook top LOL. Anyway, this would come in real handy for any winter storms that leave us without power. And if the economy continues downhill, well, would we be able to afford gas or propane? 

Here's another. This one is from Elmira Stove Works. Isn't she a beauty?

This one is from AntiqueStoves.Com and is called the Deva 100 Wood Cook Stove by Hergom. I really dig its boxy look and glass fronted doors. Yeah, I could definitely see this one in my house!

And here's one last one. This one is a converted wood cook stove by Barstow, Inc. and is called Barstow's Improved Range Manufactured by Barstow Co. Circa 1880. This one is beautiful and gothic looking. May not be right for my style of house, but it is gorgeous!

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