Thursday, September 22, 2011

If I Won The Lottery Thursday 9-22-2011

Having to photograph my beaded creations and then think of the words for listing them, not to mention the tedious stuff like measuring them for my ArtFire listings drives me crazy. I hope to some day be a good photographer when it comes to stuff like jewelry and handmade keepsakes, but so far, that is just slow going. It took 3 photo sessions to get the pictures below, not to mention the time editing.

So, for this week's "If I Won The Lottery Thursday" I would hire a photographer/secretary to do my listings for me and take the photographs and just manage things so that I can continue with the fun stuff. I would be helping first myself and then I would be helping a starving artist or student in the local university studying photography and/or art.

I would keep doing my blog myself... somewhere, somehow I lost my writing ability and joy. I really used to enjoy writing. Especially letters. My mom saved all of the letters she has from me and I can't believe what I wrote about and so many letters are actually funny and witty. Where did that girl go? I'm sure she's still in here somewhere and with time, she will make her way back out.

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I took yesterday.... these items will appear in my shop over the next several days... I will add links to the pictures as I list them. Thanks so much for looking!


Kat BM said...

maybe it's just because I'm a Kat, but I really like the paw print larriets!

3 Peeps Designs said...

Thank you! I really like them too and plan on making myself one or two.

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