Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I Won the Lottery Thursday 9-29-2011 Metal Work

I've had metal working on the brain a lot lately. It could be from the magazines I've been reading, the galleries of jewelry I've seen, the daily emails I get from jewelry making sites, or the online window shopping for jewelry that I do at Artfire. So, I thought, what else would be good for "If I Won The Lottery Thursday" than tools of the trade.

I have a few items, a vise, a metal block, some basic alphabet stamps, a few hammers, etc. But there are some things that I really, really want if only I had the extra money. And a few because you can never have too many.

The first is a good workbench for hammering and pounding away at metal. This is a very nice one from American Workbench called "The Common Man."

Next, there are a bunch of different hammers I would like to add to my collection. Much like office supplies in general, and pens in particular, you can never have too many tools. These two are from Fusion Beads.

Then of course I will need a disc cutter and this one from Fusion Beads would do quite nicely. I want to be able to make a ton of metal blanks for bead caps, pendants, and some other ideas floating around in my head.

And you can't forget the cool letter and number stamps. Like pens, you can never have too many different fonts. Here is one found at Beadaholique and another one found at FDJ On Time.

And one last item... a forming block set also found at FDJ On Time. I don't exactly know what it is for, but I have an idea and besides, it's just cool. Tools, themselves, after all, are a form of art. And better yet, without tools, how can you make art?

***As usual, click on the name of the store or the picture to be taken to the website in case you would like to purchase these or other items. Or perhaps, like me, you just want to daydream a little bit.

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