Tuesday, September 06, 2011

WIP 9-6-2011

Here are pictures of what I am currently working on. I received an order for green paw prints and I'm also trying to add to my stock in my shop for the CFA October promotion - So anyway, I have been making a lot of beaded paw prints.

I'm loving the beaded spiral stitch that I recently learned and have 2 projects in the works. They will be long necklaces, hopefully not needing a clasp at all. The red one is my favorite so far. I am using Dyna-mites seed beads instead of regular Czech or Japanese seed beads and it has come out fantastic! I'm really loving it and will make another with different glass beads as the accent beads. The blue and cream one is coming along slowly, first it took me forever to choose a combination of seed beads (this time Czech seed beads) to use with the ceramic beads. The ceramic beads are a sort of dark turquoise color with some black specks in it and cream and olive highlights. The seed bead color I liked best were a matte teal with an AB finish, but the tag only said the name Matte Teal. It doesn't say Japanese or Czech and the shop is up in Wisconsin and they don't have a website. My husband picked this fabulous color out for me but he doesn't have any trips coming up to that same area. So, the next time he is up in that area, I will have him stop in and pick up some more in other sizes.

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