Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WIP Tuesday 9-20-2011 My Studio

I have decided to post pictures of my studio so that I will be inspired to get it done... it works for most of my WIP projects, so that means it should work for this, right? I painted it last year a nice granny smith apple color. I love that color. It was the color of my kitchen in Jacksonville, FL. I decided to do my kitchen here in a butter yellow color and move the granny smith apple color upstairs. So, like I said, I painted the walls last year when we moved in while waiting for furniture. I had to do two coats of primer and two coats of the paint. The previous color was a forest green. I loved the room before and now I absolutely love it!

The room has been a storage room for the last several months... holding my craft supplies and my husband kept using it as a staging ground for what needed to go into the attic as the door to the attic is in my room. Anyway, I've warned him today that that needs to stop. Final Warning! 

Today I started painting the moldings, doors, and ceiling. They never had a coat of semi-gloss, just the primer finish. My ceiling is also semi-gloss... its a big room and I want the light to reflect and carry around the room. My hands hurt from holding the paint brush. I know I've got arthritis in my hands and when they hurt, they just kill me. Anyway, before I could paint the moldings I had to move all of the misc. furniture. This room is where furniture goes that doesn't have a place in the rest of the house. My big metal desk is awesome! I got it for $40. I love it. Some day I will paint in another color. I need more shelves. I need more dressers. I need to paint the closet, but that will be another day. I love my room of mismatched furniture. All it needs now is a couch :-)
Anyway, here are some photos;

View when you first open the door.... door is always kept closed if I am not in there... I don't want the cat's playing around in here! Although I wouldn't mind Buffy doing here spider hunting in here... found several babies in here today.
My beading desk... gonna move it to the wall next to the window. I love that big window, makes me feel as if I am among the treetops in the sky!
My favorite table... its solid and was bought a few years ago used at a yard sale. its an awesome table! I can never have too many tables... I have another table that will be making its way in here very soon, it used to belong to my husband's grandmother. It's sides drop down and can fit in a lot of different places.
A nook that the previous tenant (a teenage boy) kept his bed in... and another nook.
This nook will be where my photo tent goes as it is the brightest area in the room. Charlie likes to lay on the floor in the sunny spot whenever he is in here. Anyway, another table and then the photo tent and props and a shelf or two.
More of the photo tent nook... and then a closet... good sized, its a walk-in closet and it needs another long shelf or two.
Better pic of the closet nook and then the side of the bookshelves.
And a view of the way out of the room. Gonna replace those lights on the ceiling and the ceiling fan on the other side of the room - eventually. They are ugly, dated, and the fan has rust... I don't think the previous owners used the A/C much because all of the fans on this level had a bit of rust.
So, next time you will see photos of the finished painting (hopefully Hunny Bunny will help paint the ceiling... those cool curves are a bit of a pain to paint.... a tad bit harder than a flat ceiling) and furniture rearranged. I still have more molding to paint, two more doors, and some more ceiling. I ran out of paint, but it was a good time to take a break. I am also planning on putting some pink spots around the room. I bet I will want to sleep up here when it is organized and finished :-)

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