Tuesday, September 27, 2011

W.I.P. Tuesday 9-27-2011 Studio is Almost Done!

Well, here are pictures of my studio that were taken today. The painting is finished... everything needed 2 coats! Thanks to my husband for painting the ceiling for me - that was a lifesaver as he was able to do most of it without a ladder. Most of the furniture is now where I want it to be, but I still need to put all of the books and magazines back into the shelves (but first I want to apply some poly to them... will be a two-tone finish... some in walnut some natural) and move the small, ugly bookshelf to another location. Across from the books will be my sewing area. I have 4 sewing machines (one that I use, one that I don't know if it works and 2 that are antiques and I don't use at all) and a table for laying out sewing projects. I hope to do more sewing this year. My beading station is my favorite area along with my little cutting station and big table. I can't wait to get going on projects!

This is the view as you walk in.... books to the right sewing machines to the left. The books still need to be put back... you never know how many you have until you have to move them!

Another view of the long wall with sewing machine, tall dresser full of cut fabric, attic door and of course the tv for background noise.

View of big window, table, and my desk with my beads.... not seen is the cutting station... a little desk just for cutting leather, paper, and other stuff. I can't wait to get some things hanging on the walls! For now, at least, I plan on leaving the window naked for optimal light.

Here is the photography section... get's the best light during the first half of the day.

And here is a view looking towards the door.... notice the new light? Found an inexpensive one that I liked and my husband put it up for me. Eventually when I find a decent looking fan on sale I will have the old ugly one replaced.

My favorite part of my painting? The hand prints in the pink circles! So far I have only had my kids, husband, and myself put our prints up, but I will get some cat and dog prints up too.... most likely via foam stamp. And some of the other circles will eventually have some words in them or anything else that takes my fancy.

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Almost Precious said...

I can tell that room is going to be a place filled with amazing creativity. It is fantastic and so roomy, you're one very lucky lady.

The splashes of polka-dots is a really happy touch and I love the handprints ! :)

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