Thursday, October 27, 2011

When I Win the Lottery Thursday 10-27-2011 RV

I've always wanted an RV. Simple or big and sexy, I don't really care, I just know that for all of the driving around we do on trips (I really don't like to fly) an RV would really come in handy. I haven't decided on a make or model or even if I'd rather have one that gets towed behind a truck or one that can tow a small car. I just want one and so of course, when we win the lotto, it is on our list of "to buy." It would even come in handy when we have house guests for extended periods of time. Of course driving through New Mexico (I've always had a love affair in my mind with this state) and then going to the Grand Canyon last week makes the desire for an RV even bigger. If we didn't have to pay for a hotel we couldn't stayed longer and seen more.... And what a way to homeschool my kids? Would it get any better than learning on the road about our wonderful country? So anyway, here are a couple of pictures for you;


Gale said...

I dream of an RV in my future also, and New Mexico is the land of my heart! Looks like we have more in common than beads (BLI member)!

3 Peeps Designs said...

It's always nice finding things in common with other beaders! So far in my "real" life, I haven't met any other bead weavers, just a few stringers. It's been a few weeks since we came back from our trip and I am still talking and thinking about New Mexico... and I wish we could have explored more. The area just speaks to me!

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