Tuesday, October 11, 2011

W.I.P. Tuesday 10-11-2011

These sugar skull earrings and necklaces were mailed out today to go to my friend up in Canada. She is fortunate enough to go to a few dozen shows a year to sell her arts and volunteered to take a few of mine for me :-)

And here is one of my Little Pittie Cuffs. This time its in an olive color with only one paw print instead of the usual four on each end. This pit bull is going down to Austin, TX to Luv-A-Bull and their annual Pit Bull Awareness Day. Woo hoo! I am always excited to donate something I have lovingly made and to be asked to do it again instead of approaching them, priceless!!!

The suede has been cut and the snaps put on and now I just have to attach the beaded paw prints I made last week. These paw prints are larger than the usual size 11/0s that I do. They are size 10/0 Delicas and will give a bigger punch. One may accompany the Little Pittie Cuff going to Luv-A-Bull in a week or maybe one of the paw print lariats for something a little different.

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