Tuesday, October 18, 2011

W.I.P. Tuesday 10-18-2011

Today I have completed an order of 34 tiny beaded paw prints (pict. shows 25) in navy and white size 15/0s Delicas. They are in the mail and hopefully make it to their new home in a couple of days. The lady who purchased them is making 17 pairs of stud earrings (gluing them onto flat headed stud earrings) for her daughter and fellow cheerleaders. I will actually be making 12 more in size 11/0s Delica next week for the moms of the group. I had to order more beads in this navy color as I didn't have it in my stash. *gasp*

I also made a lot of progress on my Little Pittie Cuff in Olive despite being sick... it just needs a button and toggle. And I've started another Little Pittie Cuff in a teal for another pit bull rescue. The rest of this week I intend on getting the paw prints attached to the suede for cuffs as well as making some more paw prints for lariats as I have had some requests for certain colors. Busy little beader that I am :-)

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