Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday 11-9-11

Sorry I missed Monday's post, but we've had a bit of excitement around here. My horoscope was actually correct this month when it mentioned an addition to the family... a new baby. Its a girl! We found a puppy wondering around one of the roads on the way home.... an area that is rather country so we didn't do much door to door searching for owners. Plus, she was rather young and in rough shape so we figured she may have been wondering for a day or two. A trip to the vet, no microchip and not a single lost and found ad meant that she was ours if we wanted. We wanted. We weren't going to tempt fate by putting her into the system... they are all kill shelters around here. We weren't going to try to find her a new home either... that would be long and hard and we were rapidly becoming attached. So, she received her first round of puppy shots and came home. "Puppy" Ahleman is now Fiona or Fi for short (pronounced "Fee") and I am sure you can imagine, not much is getting done... especially beading. We are trying to get on a schedule and with the help of all of us, we are doing pretty good. The other dogs love her and the cats are still undecided but certainly curious. I think she will fit in just fine. She weighed only 5.5 lbs on Saturday, was guess-timated to be around 8 weeks old, and a rather small pit mix. Since she is so underweight, we may re-evaluate what breed we think she is later.

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