Friday, December 16, 2011

Just in case you are curious about what we do for Betty and the pups every day....

It's Dec. 16, 2011 and we have been done with our part of taking care of Betty and her puppies - another volunteer stepped up to help and we are on the back burner in case our help is needed again. I can't say I'm that upset, I don't mind not spending 2 hours in the car every day going back and forth. And I also don't mind because we realized we are still hooked on Fiona and while this is fun, we would rather have her back in our household.

Anyway, this is from a note I posted on Facebook on Dec. 8, 2011 so that our friends and family could step into our shoes and see what we have been up to.

Well, taking care of Betty and the pups is a big job, as I am sure you can all imagine. We stepped in and volunteered to help when we heard she was going to be taken to a kill shelter in a city with a breed ban. We originally volunteered our garage - not perfect by any means but it was a place to bring her to until we could figure something better out and learn more about her and the pups. Then luckily the other foster, Ashley and her family, talked her father into letting us use an empty rental property. So, each day we drive 25 minutes across town (Fayetteville seriously needs an East to West bypass) to see Betty and the pups. Ashley goes to visit Betty 3 times a day as she lives closer. And FYI, Ashley already fosters 3 dogs at her home for the Humane Society and works every day and has a cute little toddler and the support of her husband. We don't currently foster, but have 2 dogs and 3 cats, homeschool, online business, Jay works and manages to come in some days of the week and then weekends. Add to that the stress of the holidays and winter arriving and it can be pretty chaotic. Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the rescue, Pit Bull Ambassador of Northwest Arkansas, spends her day working and taking care of her family and networking the rescue and the immediate needs of Betty and her pups. She squeezes in phone calls and meet-ups in between her daily activities. And then we all try to update our FB profiles with Betty's progress and the pups. I am sure there is a lot that I am leaving out, but I'm trying to squeeze this note in between a few errands and stuff.

So, when we get to Betty's house, we take her out first thing and she goes potty. She is doing really good in the house and hasn't had any accidents now that she is eating regularly. She is always happy to see us and we are always happy to see her. We give her her medicine and that includes some vitamins that she likes to spit out. So we have to watch her closely to make sure she swallows them. After Betty is taken care of we focus on changing the bedding if its needed and then once Betty lays down, we give the 3 littlest ones first dibs. Now that they are more active and bigger, it's becoming more of a challenge. We are waiting for Betty to show signs that she is getting tired of feeding them, but so far she is doing well. While the puppies nurse, we hang out with Betty and change the other half of the bedding. Once she puts her head down to sleep, then we collect our garbage and leave so that she can sleep. It's another 25 minutes home... we make any pit stops for errands if needed then. Then in around 4 hours, we do it all again.

We were taking turns bringing laundry home to wash, but thankfully we got a volunteer for that and it's a big help! In the beginning we brought in wet wipes for cleaning, wet wipes for sanitizing our hands before touching the puppies, and baby wipes for cleaning Betty up. We also brought in some towels and bedding and puppy food, both wet and dry. Then, thankfully volunteers provided more dry and wet food and more bedding and towels. Whatever doesn't get used for Betty and the pups will be taken back to the rescue and used for whatever dogs come next. I can't stress enough how thankful I am to the volunteers, the donations, and the networking that everyone is doing. It is simply fantiastic!

When we get home in the evenings, well, we hang out with our pets and do whatever needs doing, chores, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. I network as much as I can and pretty much put my online shops on hold... as in I haven't networked for them nor have I created anything new for them. Of course with the holidays here, we have also been trying to get stuff done for that.... the cards are all done, thank goodness. And we've got most of our shopping done. Now we just have to wrap everything, box them up, and get them to the post office in time :-)

So, time for me to close this note and go take care of a few items on my to-do list before heading back over.

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