Thursday, April 04, 2013

Back to the Blog!

Charlie watching me and trying to convince me to go play ball a little earlier than usual.

Hi! So much has been going on and so many weeks have gone by without an update from me and well, I felt I should get to it!

We've relocated again... well, technically, we are still in the middle of the transition because our house has yet to sell in Fayetteville. We had a good offer from an eccentric woman who wanted to include a lot of our personal property in the deal. The deal fell through about a week before we were to meet the movers to pack up our stuff... it sucked, but also was kind of a relief because the woman kept changing her mind and trying to change the terms of the contract... apparently, she did similar things to another family before us and the last I heard, she was onto another family. I hope she finds what she is looking for. 

So, we are currently waiting for another offer... the winter didn't help,what with the winter weather warnings and what-not. Life seems to stop in NWA whenever any winter weather is predicted for the area, so the weeks have been dragging by. Anyway, with a bit of luck and some actual spring-like weather, we should have another offer soon. We put in a contract for a house here when we had agreed on the first contract with our house. The sellers here have been amazing and patient while we wait for another offer. The house isn't all that I wanted, but once again, majority rules and that is the house the husband and kids wanted. At this point, I'm over my disappointment about not getting the house that I wanted and am just anxious to get moved and settled.

We are in the Memphis area now, living in a town called Collierville. It's been a big change from the paradise of the quiet country! We like that the winter was more mild than NWA, it still isn't Florida-like, but we do enjoy it. The people are a lot friendlier, the shopping is better, and it's closer to both sets of parents. My husband likes his new job a lot and doesn't have any complaints, which is a nice change from the old job.

We adopted a dog, Sage, last February, and she has issues. We were managing those issues, overcame a few, but we had no idea how big those issues could become until we made the move. She hates change! She can't handle it. Any change needs to be in little increments. She is also very high energy. We could handle that as our property was huge and we enjoyed being out there with the dogs. Now, we are in a little rental in a crowded neighborhood where people come and go all of the time and make a lot of noise and sure don't seem to mind annoying their neighbors :-( I hate it!

Anyway, you do what you have to do to keep your pets with you when you move. We rented a house that is about a third the size of what we are used to because it was one of three rentals available for short-term (ie six month lease or less) as well as allowing dogs and cats without breed restrictions (we have two pit bulls)... so we have been going a little crazy. We actually ended up putting Sage on Prozac on the advice of the vet. In spite of exercising her like usual, training, vitamins, Thundershirt, homeopathic solutions, etc, she was starting to take her fear and anxiety out on our other dogs. If she is to stay with our family, she had to be medicated because I was scared she was going to end up biting one of the kids. Thankfully, the vet didn't err on the side of over-medicating her and turning her into a zombie... instead, she is back to being the happy puppy (she'll be 2 years old at the end of April) that she used to be. :-)

Magnolia blooming on a rainy day.
This spring, instead of hearing the frogs come out of hibernation we get to hear the neighborhood mechanics take their motorcycles out of hibernation. That means listening to the loud, rumbling engines all day... they stop at sundown, but the rumblings begin at 5.45am... We've been here almost 6 months and we've learned to tune out the airplanes and trains and police sirens. I haven't yet learned to tune out the tow truck driver's "beep, beep, beeping" whenever he backs out of his driveway nor have I learned to tune out the little kids screaming their asses off after school. Hopefully, we aren't here long enough to get used to it.

In the meantime, we've continued our homeschooling and I've continued my beading. I've started playing around with bead embroidery and I've also played around with peyote stitched stars. I will post pictures in a future post... playing catch up, so to speak.

I look forward to getting back into the groove of my blog and hopefully blogging at least once a week. I want to try offering a free bead weaving pattern once a month, but haven't decided how to do it. Should I just post the picture of the pattern and have the reader just print the page? Or ask the reader to post a comment and include their email address and then I send them the pattern via email? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Georgia Mountain Arts said...

Wow... your life has been full of challenges. Nice that you are back into your creative flow. Seems that is what keeps me a float at times when there are many distractions deterring me from my focus. To your question patterns would be nice... have those who are interested commit by leaving a comment and or follow you. Then instead of emailing them 'bump' (auto responder)them to another link for the download page... Love your bead work! I would love you to share your bead patterns on my website once I have that section for tutorials completed. My first few artists I offer this to will be free. Your sales are your full profit. Inbox me for more information!

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