Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beading Work Amongst The Changes Part 1

   A Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua have joined my line of dog cuffs. I decided that I like the single large paw print on either side of them rather than the four smaller paw prints. One of these has been donated to a new shelter doing some fund raising in Prairie Grove, AR and the other is in my stash. I will create the pattern and offer it in my shop very soon!

   A pair of paw print cuffs for little kids... one was given to the daughter of a friend because she is involved in pet rescue just like her mother and I wanted to let them know that I really appreciate their efforts. The other may be going to my new little niece :-). Anyway, the paw prints are beaded one at a time by me from a pattern I created when I first started beading years ago. Then one at a time they are attached to the leather, the leather gets the snaps put on, the leather gets lined with ultra suede, and then I edge the two pieces together with 15/0 seed beads. I do not use any glue so that they are nice and flexible and I do not need to worry about the glue ever dis-coloring the Delica seed beads or coming off, etc.

   This was a repeat for my sister-in-law. Her husband actually purchased the original and she requested a duplicate for a gift for a woman who plays a very important roll in her life... perhaps being the mother she should have had. Anyway, its spiral stitch with seed beads and embellished with copper chain and silk ribbon.

   This is a spiral stitch necklace that I created using hot pink seed beads and bright yellow seed beads... perhaps the happiest color combination that comes to my mind. This stitch is super relaxing and easy to do for me and is one of my go-to projects when I have a lot on my mind... kind of like the peyote stitched paw prints that I like to make. This one will be showing up in my shop as soon as I can set myself up to take some good photos... the new house doesn't let in a lot of light and the yard is slowly being taken back from the insects... 

   The house was empty for so long that the insects took over.... the spiders are now outside where they belong and we just have to deal with the horse flies and the bees (the ground dwelling variety). My son and husband suffered from some stings... okay, my son was stung once but my husband was stung multiple times on more than one occasion. Slowly, but surely the bug stuff that was applied to the yard and the insect killing powder that was applied directly to the holes have started to work.... now we just need to wait for the horse flies to die. And I thought the biggest nuisance would be the mosquitoes and occasional ticks... ha, what do I know? Even though I like the peace and space of the country life, I am still a city girl when it comes to the bugs.

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