Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Year, A Better Effort....

Well, I can't say I'm sad to see 2014 come to an end because I'm not. It was a very productive year, but also a very trying year. Now that the new year is here, I'm making a new effort to make regular contributions to my blog as well as to myself. I really put my crafty things on hold in order to focus on other parts of my life and I miss it. Truth be told, I'm much more balanced when my creative side gets fed. 

So, a brief review of some of the things that took up my time.... The kids joined a homeschool bowling league and are having a fabulous time. They only meet once a week, but of course, there is the inevitable practice time that goes into it. The bowling center is 45 minutes away from where we live, so that eats up an entire afternoon. They continued golf until mid October and look forward to starting again this spring. And my daughter has been learning to drive --- it's been fun and not as hard as I thought it would be... well, my husband is handling it better than I thought he would, LOL. 

We've fostered a few more dogs since Jack found a home. We took about a month off and then jumped in to foster 2 puppies for a real good rescue group called SOAR Doggy Rescue... sisters named Rosemary and Maggie Moo. We fostered them for about 2 months before they were adopted. Then right before Thanksgiving, an acquaintance begged us to take one of his dogs that he had recently rescued from the shelter because he was moving and couldn't take her with him. I hate that excuse, but she is a very loveable dog and deserves a good home, so we took her into our home to privately foster and find her a home. 

So, with the fostering, our home improvement projects are at a crawl again. I hope to have the main bath remodeled, the fireplace surround updated, and the rest of the rooms painted by our 3 year anniversary here. And we need to paint the wood trim outside, as well! It's a never ending list of things to do. 

Oh! And we've started going to church.... back to church for my husband - my kids and I are new to it... growing up my church experience was limited to being baptized and going for the occasional holiday. So far, we are enjoying it and I look forward to learning a lot. We are going old school and attending a traditional Latin Mass in Memphis and us girls are wearing dresses/skirts and veils and the guys are wearing shirts, ties, and jackets... dressing up, but modesty is very important. We are taking it seriously and it's been a breath of fresh air.

I've managed to only get a few beading things done for fun before the holiday frenzy.... I learned (finally!) how to do the Chenille Stitch and the Herringbone Stitch. I've also made a few beadwoven shapes. 

One of the online stores that I listed my stuff at went out of business so I will have to update links and post my things on one of the other sites. And another site has changed things so much that most of my patterns don't show up (limit 10 free listings) and so I either need to pay for a shop or list those somewhere else, as well. 

Look for another update next week!


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Very Cute Puppy.

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