Monday, October 02, 2017

Monday Musings 10-2-2017 Huichol Beading

In August I participated in my first bead-a-long with one of the FB beading groups. The main subject was Huichol Beading. The patterns presented were from a couple of different sources and one I found while on Pinterest. I had been interested in this style for quite a while, but hadn't done any beading in August because I wasn't in the mood. We had to say goodbye to one of our dogs.  She had been with us forever and has left a big hole in our hearts. Anyway, now is not the time, otherwise I'll just start crying and not finish this post.

Anyway, here is a pic of all of the ones I did over the last couple of days of August. One of the flowers is from Kat Adair. Notice I did one in size 11/0 Czech beads,  then did a couple in size 13/0 Czech Cut Beads and then 15/0 seed beads (mixed brands.)  The other was done using a couple of videos by BeadingByMiroslavo, I cannot find the specific videos anymore because Youtube removed all of the videos. The lady that translates the videos is doing it all again and getting them uploaded again when she has the chance. Just do a search and all kinds of patterns come up.

These next two photos show what happened when I used Protecta Clear on the beads to stiffen up the beadwork. The opaque beads are a-okay, but the transparent ones bled a bit. I don't really mind in this instance because it just made the white beads pink. I will have to keep this in mind, though, when using the Protecta Clear in the future. This was my first time using the Protecta Clear and I had purchased it from Amazon. It did a great job stiffening up the flowers and now I just need to put ear wires on them.

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