Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Changes to blog 1-9-2018

Well, seems the excitement over my Freebie Friday Patterns has died down and so I am only going to do one a month. So, later this month, you can expect a new Freebie Friday Pattern from 3 Peeps Designs. 

The holidays went well for the most part. I didn't get everything made that I wanted to because I ended up getting sick twice and it's been slow recovering from the second bout of flu. The second flu ended up getting everyone in the house sick and our New Year's Eve plans were drastically different than what we had planned. The good thing was that it happened over our break and so no one missed work, school, or exams. My daughter did excellent for her first semester of college... she got a 4.0 and she was invited to become one of the 24 members of the veterinary tech positions. This is always great to hear and pass along to the family members who doubted our home schooling.... yup, validation is nice, although I shouldn't care. Of course, that same family is now worried that my daughter isn't having any fun at college, that it is all work and no play. You just can't win. And my son has been invited to bowl for our local high school... of course it will have to wait until next school year because the coach was a little slow in letting us know what he needed to do to get on the team.... he's bowling so well that now she and the players on the team are asking him.  Not too shabby. Of course, he wants to get a job and who knows if he will have time for bowling.... I think he will.

Anyway, look back in a couple of Fridays and I will have a new Freebie Friday Pattern for you.

I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas and that the New Year is very good to you!

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Hallebose said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty pattern.

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